• Take a Hike
    Take a Hike

    The Nature Conservancy's Derr House is a great place to explore the northern prairies.

  • Take a Break
    Take a Break

    And go on a butterfly hunt. Swallowtails are common in this area as are Monarch Butterflies.

  • Take a Closer Look
    Take a Closer Look

    Stop and smell the prairie flowers as you pass through the Derr House's restored meadows.

Preserving the Prairie

The Derr House Prairie — a few miles south of Wood River, Nebraska — is part of the Nature Conservancy's Platte River Prairies. These prairies are a chain of grasslands and wetlands along the Platte River in central Nebraska and total nearly 5,000 acres. Four additional easments total more than 2,800 acres, and more than 1,500 acres that the conservancy manages have been restored to prairie from cropland. This area is of particular ecological importance as it supports the Spring Migration of the Sandhill Cranes.

An abundance of flora and fauna can be found at the Derr House, open to the public for day hikes.